X12s Folding High-definition Four-axis Drone

X12s Folding High-definition Four-axis Drone


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Optical Flow Dual Positioning: Equipped with optical flow Locator in the horizontal direction and fixed air pressure in height direction to achieve accuracy,Hover to make the picture clearer.
Modular battery: The battery adopts modular design, which is easy to install and replace.
Gesture interaction: Free up your hands for a big picture and get together to take a group photo.
Smart Phone Control: More ways to play in the APP.
HD Video Transmission

5 reviews for X12s Folding High-definition Four-axis Drone

  1. Ashley

    Every item as advertised. Very pleased with the product. I order the 3 battery pack and happy I did. No flight test yet charging batteries .

  2. Hermit

    The package arrived in time and the drone was also very good

  3. Sunny

    I have been really impressed with how good this drone is for the price. I think this might be the most inexpensive drone I have seen with GPS. Once you calibrate the drone and it connects to GPS, it is extremely stable. It is really easy to fly and control. The smartphone app makes this really easy to take pictures and photos as well.

  4. Jim

    I was also pleasantly surprised with the video quality, especially that it can stream a live image right to my iPhone. It worked great and when I was done flying I was able to tap one button to save the video file with no problem.

  5. Nina

    I bought this drone as a gift for my father. He was flying it (first time using a drone ever) the same day I gave it to him without trouble. It’s probably the best you can get for the price and it’s certainly not a cheap toy but a high-quality drone. Totally recommended!

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