Wise Company 60-Serving Entrée-Only Emergency Kit
$199.99 $149.99

Wise Company 60-Serving Entrée-Only Emergency Kit

$199.99 $149.99


Ready-made freeze-dried and dehydrated foods

  • Dependable, simple and affordable food options
  • Great for emergency preparedness
  • Ideal for hiking, camping and other outdoor use
  • Great-tasting, high-quality foods
  • Approx. 60 servings total

Freeze dried ingredients

  • Help extend shelf life
  • Help foods retain their original shapes, sizes, flavors, colors and textures
  • Help minimize the need to rotate long-term food supplies

What You Get

  • (2) 9 oz. pouches of stroganoff with beef
  • 9.7 oz. pouch of chili macaroni with beef
  • 9.2 oz. pouch of pasta alfredo with chicken
  • (2) 7.2 oz. pouches of pasta and vegetable rotini with chicken
  • 10.6 oz. pouch of teriyaki-style chicken
  • 9.7 oz. pouch of cheesy lasagna
  • 6.2 oz. pouch of tomato-basil soup
  • 6.4 oz. pouch of tortilla soup
  • 7 oz. pouch of chicken pot pie
  • 9.2 oz. pouch of cheesy macaroni
  • 7 oz. pouch of chicken-flavored soup
  • 8 oz. pouch of baked-potato casserole


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