Whirling Flying Ball
$49.99 $37.99

Whirling Flying Ball

$49.99 $37.99



• MEET THE FLYING BALL – The motorized flying spinner that floats, glides, and climbs through the air at your command, then returns to your hand like a boomerang.
• It’s the worry-free way to keep you and your loved ones entertained for hours. All while learning new skills, improving your hand-eye-coordination, and getting up off the couch and onto your feet. It’s the perfect cure for lockdown boredom and too much screentime. And the best part is, you can do it any time. With anyone. Anywhere. Really… anywhere. If you’ve got a backyard, a rec room, or even a kitchen, the flying ball will bring hours of fun and challenge to anyone you play with.
• ADVANCED TRICKS – Ready for a challenge? The flying ball’s reimagined globe shape and more powerful motor mean one thing: more mind-blowing tricks than ever. Flex your skills with these advanced stunts and maneuvers that will push your creativity and test your accuracy – with or without the magic controller.
• PLAY ANYWAY & ANYTIME – You don’t need a ton of space to unleash the fun of the flying ball. So you can enjoy yourself worry free anywhere from the living room to a public park. And the boomerang effect ensures the flying ball only has one flight path after you launch it. And it is great for the office, too. Use it to de-stress with your colleagues in the breakroom. Or for adding a little fun to your team-building sessions. It’s so easy, even your boss could learn. Seriously, Let her try.
• NON-STOP FUN – Dead batteries are a buzz-kill. The flying ball has triple the battery-life of the original flying ball. A quick 25-minute charge is all it takes to give your flying ball a full 30 minutes of pure flying time. So you can fly longer, go further, and keep the good times soaring.
• HARD TO BREAK – We know accidents happen. That’s why we built the flying ball, so it can take all the bumps and scrapes you throw at it. The flying ball is designed so it doesn’t fall apart every time it hits the wall or crash lands on your floor. We put the flying ball though numerous rigorous tests to ensure it’s durable enough to take the hits. And safe enough to protect everyone’s hands. From your kids to your uncles. So you can let anyone play. Worry free.
• A SURPRISING CHRISTMAS GIFT – The best Christmas gifts are the ones we never forget. Make your gift stand out with something that will surprise them when they open it and keep them smiling all day long. As they go from the dramatic unbox to mastering their first tricks. The flying ball will liven up Christmas by getting your whole family involved in the fun.


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