WAGGY™ Dog Bark Shock Collar
$69.99 $45.99

WAGGY™ Dog Bark Shock Collar

$69.99 $45.99



✔️ Proven, Effective, & Completely Pet-Friendly

One of the many things that make the WAGGY™ Dog Bark Shock Collar so special is that it doesn’t require your real-time intervention for it to effectively regulate your dog’s barking. 

✔️ Trains Your Dog With Minimum To Zero Supervision

This training medium is made to work independently.  It makes use of a combination of sound and vibration sensors which detects your dog’s bark and automatically functions once it does. 

✔️ Adjustable Intensity Levels

The WAGGY™ Dog Bark Shock Collar gives you the option to choose and adjust the jolt intensity to optimize its effectiveness on dogs of all sizes and proportions. ‘

✔️ Fits Comfortably On Small, Medium, and Large Dog Breeds

Provide the comfort and breathability your dog needs even in prolonged periods of wear.

✔️ Fast & Easy To Set Up

 Simply mount the included contact points, insert the included battery, assign an intensity level based on your dog’s size, and slip it around your dog’s neck like an ordinary dog collar. Once worn, it automatically starts working. 





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