Stainless Steel LCD Digital Measuring Tape
$94.99 $70.99

Stainless Steel LCD Digital Measuring Tape

$94.99 $70.99

(5 customer reviews)



  • Simple, one-button operation enables fast and easy long- distance measurements
  • Measure faster and further
  • Measures distances accurately
  • Portable and compact size easily fits in your hand and can hang on a belt
  • Large Digital Display
  • Centerline
  • 2 Long Term Memories
  • Short Term memory on ”active” measurement

Measurement units:

• Laser distance meter: Range 0.2~40m, Accuracy: ±1.5mm
• Blade length: 16 feet/ 5 meters
• Feet, Inches, Fractions (to 1/16″)
• Inches and Fractions, to 1/16th of an inch (ex. 31 3/16″)
• Decimal Inches, to 1/10th of an inch (ex. 31.1″)
• Decimal Feet, to 1/100th of a foot (ex. 2.59′)
• Centimeters, to 1/10 of a Centimeter (ex. 79.1 cm)



5 reviews for Stainless Steel LCD Digital Measuring Tape

  1. Mark

    Works as described and I love it, makes taking measurements for my old eyes a lot easier and the other built in functions are great. This is my second one because I dropped the first one and it broke.

  2. Joy

    I am a machinist by trade use a tape measure on a regular basis. I bought this to try an eliminate having issues with not having metric and standard on the same tape. It is smooth and very accurate as my calibration man said it was the most accurate he had seen.

  3. Summer

    It is convenient to switch between different measurement systems by just a click. Sometimes I need measuring in inches, sometimes in inches and feet, sometimes in metric units.

  4. Robert

    This tape measure is very versatile.The front of tape or back of tape measurement options are a great plus, no more bending the tape into the corner and interpreting the measurement.

  5. Dee

    I’m doing home remodeling and need to take a lot of measurements. This feels a *lot* more accurate than my current tape because I’m not having to squint or crane my head around things to take a reading, bold and clear display with feet, inches, fractions. Instant conversion between units is handy. I like the centering function too – one button gives you the ‘half’ distance of the measurement – very useful feature for picture hanging. Every home contractor I’ve had over that sees this in action wants one like it.

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