Portable White Noise Machine for Baby and Adult Sleeping
$99.99 $31.50

Portable White Noise Machine for Baby and Adult Sleeping

$99.99 $31.50

(17 customer reviews)

10 Therapeutic Non-looping Sounds | Touch Night Light | Timer & Memory Features


  • SOUND MACHINE & NIGHT LIGHT – Research has shown that the wonderful combination of soothing sound and soft nightlight create a peaceful environment. Just tap the night lamp, and the color of the light will change accordingly. The quality of sleep in baby, kids and adults will determine your family’s happiness.
  • 10 SOOTHING WHITE NOISE PATTERNS – Our sleep sounds machine has 10 natural patterns, which effectively masks destructive noises from street noise, tinnitus, snoring, barking dogs, noisy hotel rooms, and loud neighbors.
  • TIMER & MEMORY FEATURES – Play our sound machine continuously or at 30, 60, 90 min intervals with auto-off timer settings. Our sleep machine can remember the last sound and volume when restarted, so you don’t need to worry about switching between settings.
  • RECORDING & REPLAY – Our baby sound machine has newly added a five-minute recording function. You can record the lullaby you sing and play it for your baby, Let him/her sleep better in your sweet voice.
  • SAFETY & GUARANTEE – The material of white noise machine is made of high-quality environmentally friendly PP, It supports USB or AA battery to provide power, very portable for use in multiple occasions, we are willing to provide 1 year warranty and 60 days money back guarantee.


17 reviews for Portable White Noise Machine for Baby and Adult Sleeping

  1. Acheson

    Love this noise machine. So simple to use/install, and doesn’t have the horribly bright blue light that the white one does. Perfect for what we needed.

  2. Jesseka

    Works great, unless you are someone that talks Really loud in general, but for the most part it’s used for counseling sessions, private conversations and it does the job.

  3. Magdalen

    Have been using an air cleaner or fans as a white noise generators for years, but decided I’d like something more portable (and with less blowing air), so purchased this unit. I was afraid it wouldn’t be loud enough compared to the air cleaner, but this was clearly not the case. This small unit creates the perfect noise for masking outside sounds. It is plenty loud…in fact, I “tuned” it down a bit using the rotating top and collar. It masks conversation as well. Highly recommended.

  4. Tamzin

    Our power is always going out and without power I can’t run my sound machine. I found this and love that it can be run on batteries! And the sounds are perfect!

  5. Deane

    This is great for my daughter room. I bough this for my baby room for the white noise. The volume control is good and it can get pretty low or super loud so love it. It has a usb connection so love that and can connect to car perfect for long trips.

  6. Quinton

    This machine last forever. My kids keep stealing them from me so I have to buy more. I see them used at doctors offices now to block others from hearing your personal private conversations. Just it it outside the door, next to your bed, or in the babies room. Compact so you can take it on vacation. Wonderfully made!

  7. Lori

    I bought this for my son two Christmases agao and it has worked like a champ. It provides him with just the right amount of white noise to fall asleep. It’s not loud and intrusive but offers a loud enough sound to facilitate sleep. if you are looking to block out loud noise from outside this is not the product for you. But if you are looking for a restful hum to get you off to sleep this is just the thing…perfect for a baby’s room

  8. Antonia

    Works as well as any of the higher end more expensive ones and is pleasant and easy to use or change the sound in the dark.

  9. Yolanda

    Works very well. I used 2 nights in a hotel and batteries can still be used. No problem with volume easy to adjust.

  10. Vicki

    The shape and size are good, and the noises adjust well with a good range of volume. No complaints, however on-off button could be redesigned to be more prominent to be able to feel in the dark.

  11. Walker

    I like the ability to set it to constant it a timed on/off. Also a good variety of sounds and volume settings.

  12. Yves

    Fantastic. It can get quite loud if you want (which I find is not the case with all machines like this) I’ve been very happy with this purchase and I don’t think I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night once since I’ve started using it. Huge win for me!

  13. Quinton

    This is perfect. My roommate uses the setting that sounds like the rain forest or something, but without water, one of them does not have water in the sound. He can no longer hear our tap-dancing neighbor going at it day and night. He also cannot hear her bowl or roller skate. Mission accomplished! Five stars!

  14. Taisha

    This little machine is great. Plenty of volume and very relaxing. I use it with rechargeable batteries and have been running it for about a week and a half now without any problems.

  15. Josephine

    We love this sound machine for our baby’s room! She needs loud white noise to sleep and most “nursery” sound machines just have songs or nature sounds. So this machine was perfect and has tons of sound options.

  16. Emory

    There is one guy in my office–ONE of those who talks so loud it’s like a drill in your head. And he’s so nice, that you can’t really get mad him for being so terribly loud. I bought this and didn’t expect much. It’s a decent quality sound and offers nature sounds and background noise profiles.

  17. Cartwright

    Originally got this for my son who is 18 months old. We were using an old phone, but had to use and we still needed a noise machine. It worked so well we suggested it to my mother-in-law who sometimes has trouble sleeping. We have been using it for our son for a couple months and my mother-in-law for a couple weeks. Both have had success and have had no issues with the machine. It is definitely larger than a phone, but it is small enough to pack in a suitcase which we did on a recent vacation.

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