Small Wind Turbine Power Generator For Home 6000W
$799.99 $349.99

Small Wind Turbine Power Generator For Home 6000W

$799.99 $349.99


Looking for a small and compact wind generator that’ll fit perfectly within your home or your yard? Equipped with 6,000W of power, our compact home wind turbine kit was designed to provide a never-ending flow of energy and power.

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Not only does the wind power generator minimize the wind noise, but it also automatically adjusts the positioning based on the direction of the wind. The outer shell is layered with aluminum alloy die-casting, which makes it completely safe in all kinds of winds.

Best part of all, this small wind turbine can easily be installed in a completely new location or integrated into existing systems. Plus, the high-tech tracking technology will ensure that the current and voltage remains regulated at all times, making it extremely safe.

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BUILT TO LAST – Simply put, the windmill generator was built to last. Not only is the windmill for electricity fully water proof and snow proof, but it can also operate normally in some of the most severe weather, ranging from -40 degrees F to 176 degrees F.

LOW MAINTENANCE – Our home wind generator requires very little maintenance because it works fully according to the conditions of the wind. It self-adjusts to match the direction of the wind and also regulates the electrical output based on wind strength.

EASY TO USE – All of the parts for the home wind turbine kit come disassembled however, it can fully be setup with 8 quick steps. No external tools besides a wrench is required to install the home wind turbine.



-Leaf material: nylon fiber
-Colour: white
-Blade length:580mm
-Wind wheel diameter:1300mm
-Rated voltage: 12/24V/48V
-Starting wind speed: 1.8m/s
-Rated wind speed: 11.5m/s
-Safe wind speed: 46m/s
-Number of leaves: 6pieces
-Braking method: electromagnetic
-Wind direction adjustment: automatic adjustment of the wind
-Wind power and type: three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator
-Operating temperature: -40℃~+80℃


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