Premium Globe Light Lamp Levitate Floating Plasma Ball

Premium Globe Light Lamp Levitate Floating Plasma Ball


(6 customer reviews)


How to get your levitating lamp “floating”.

1. Place the arched device on a flat surface and switch the power on. Hold the globe with your hand at the ends of your fingers and place the white stick on the base, at the top of the globe, as underprops. Then move the south pole of the globe vertically downwards.

2. Guide the globe to the center of the base slowly, moving it to the left and the right or front and back, to try to find that perfect levitation point.

3. When the globe is in the perfect position, you’ll feel a strong force holding the globe in place. Move your hands away slowly, and watch as your globe floats in mid-air.

Once your globe light is levitating, give it a light spin and watch as it rotates all on its own. This mesmerizing, globe lamp introduces your space to an inspiring and unique visual effect.

In addition, the colorful LED light of the light up globe looks amazing in a dark room!

This plasma ball lamp makes a perfect decoration for a home or office desk. The levitate floating lamp also makes a wonderful educational gift for children!


  • Color; Blue
  • Size:6″
  • Voltage:12V 1500MA
  • Power:5-10W
  • Base Size:19*19*5cm
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Package Include:1PCS Goble+1PCS Base+1PCS Adapter+1PCS Manual

6 reviews for Premium Globe Light Lamp Levitate Floating Plasma Ball

  1. Gregory

    Very nice levitating globe! It is not too difficult to balance it over the base. After a power outage I had some problems with the globe bouncing up and down until it fell out of balance. I contacted Woodlev/Kin and he was very helpful solving the issue. I realized that a grounded surge protector helped eliminating the up and down bouncing movement. The globe looks nice in the dark, when the LED is on. Highly recommended!

  2. Mark

    The package arrives quickly and the product is perfect

  3. Joy

    I am very happy with this product. It has worked perfectly, and although it takes a few tries, it took me less than 5 minutes to get it to levitate. I have another older levitating globe from a different company. I have had the other for quite a few years and am happy with it, however neither the base or the globe could be lit, so I definitely prefer this globe. If you are too close to something metal or place it near something that can generate a magnetic field you will have problems getting it to levitate, but otherwise its a great item.

  4. Racheal

    Bought this as a gift for my physicist husband and we are both glad I did. While it is true it takes a bit of maneuvering to properly place the globe, once it is set it remains suspended and in motion, lights and all, without any stops. This style is even more impressive than the “C” shaped framed ones as it emphasizes the levitation feature perfectly.

  5. Robert

    The globe itself is very well made and the base has a nice rubberized coating. It comes with a cleaning cloth and the wireless light up function is really cool.I highly recommend them.

  6. Debra

    I have bought several of these globes from this manucturer and they’re the best quality for the price.They have continually worked to correct any issues and improve the globes for reliability.The customer service is great, and they’re very friendly and willing to help resolve any issues.

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