Premium Foot and Leg Massager Air Compression Electric Calf Compression Heat Pump Machine

Premium Foot and Leg Massager Air Compression Electric Calf Compression Heat Pump Machine


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  • Relieve Muscle Tensions – Specially curated to reduce leg pain, this leg circulation pump will bring you soothing and relaxing comfort to your leg circulation and saves you time and money.
  • Heat Function Capability – The electronic leg compression pump machine has heat function which provides quick and stable warmth for leg circulation and is effective in warm up your cold legs to help to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Safe To Use – Using the leg compression boot sleeve pump for leg circulation too much can actually result in negative consequences. Therefore, our portable leg massage has an automated built-in feature to shut off itself after 15-20 minutes.



5 reviews for Premium Foot and Leg Massager Air Compression Electric Calf Compression Heat Pump Machine

  1. Gregory

    I was looking for a leg massager to help with the muscle stiffness and I found Renpho Leg massager. I immediately bought it because I have used their products before. It came in a nice packaging with instructions in English. I can use it when i work at my desk or when I watch TV. I can change the intensity and mode. My husband uses it after his workout at the gym. It offers great pressure relief. It can be easily carried on trips with your luggage. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a leg massager.

  2. Mark

    I love this product!After a long day of teaching, I arrived home to find my leg massager.

  3. Judy

    I received the Leg Massagera few days ago and have used it multiple times. It was easy unpack and figure out how to use. I love that it really does relieve sore muscle pain and is easy to switch between leg massage and arm massage. All the cords are clearly marked to match up to the massage inputs on the air device, and they come off easily to use on multiple body parts!

  4. Joy

    At first I was not sure how strong the air compression was going to be. I know I love massagers that squeeze, instead of knead, and I like a lot of pressure to really get the tension out.Unpacking the box was easy. It was very organized. Everything came connected so I didn’t have to do anything except plug it in to use it.

  5. Debra

    ?A few years ago I was in a motorcycle accident where I badly sprained my ankle. Since then, if I spend too much time standing up, which I do at my work, my feet tend to swell up and become painful. I’ve been using compression socks and they certainly help, but the massaging effects of the Renpho leg massager provide and extra level of pain relief and comfort. I live by myself so I appreciate that it is easy to use by a single person as shown in the video I posted. It is also fairly quiet, another bonus.

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