Portable Neck Pain Relief Hammock
$79.99 $59.99

Portable Neck Pain Relief Hammock

$79.99 $59.99

The Neck Hammock is a simple device that attaches to any door for neck pain relief in just ten minutes or less. Simply wrap it around any doorway, lie down, stretch out your neck muscles, and say goodbye to neck pain.


The Portable Neck Hammock is the easiest way to relieve neck pain at home or away.

• Stretches your neck through cervical traction, oxygenates muscles, decreases pain and increases mobility

• An holistic alternative to drugs and invasive treatments

• Relieves neck pain, tension headaches and stiff necks, and improves posture

• Use it anywhere – attaches to any secure door, pole, railing, etc.

• Patented padding and design comfortably molds to the contours of the head

• Note: Strap is now sewn directly into the hammock for easy assembly

• Use up to 10 minutes a day for best results

• For use at home or away

• Made of spandex/polyester

• Includes an eye mask, travel bad, door hanger for safety and one resistance cord

• No batteries or charging needed

The Miracle of Cervical Traction Comes to Your Home

The Neck Hammock helps the

muscles relax and gradually stretch.

This allows for the intervertebral

space to expand and allow better

blood flow and circulation.

Pinched nerves are released

Herniated and bulging discs reduce

Pressure is relieved

Get neck pain relief in 10 minutes or less

Our head sling for neck pain uses cervical traction to relax and stretch the muscles throughout your neck and spine. Through this process, problem areas will gain increased mobility and pain relief right in the comfort of your very own home. Best of all, you can use our cervical traction device along with your current physical therapy regimen for the greatest relief possible.

Due to its portable and convenient size, you can keep the Neck Hammock with you at all times. All you need is a sturdy door and a few minutes to feel better instantly. Now you can have a treatment plan for your chronic neck pain whenever you need it and wherever you go. Whether you suffer from muscle spasms, pinched nerves, or any other neck problem, our home cervical traction unit will provide you with the instant relief you need. Get rid of neck pain for good with our at home traction device today.


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