Picture Keeper Connect Smartphone Photo Saver 64GB/128GB Opt

Picture Keeper Connect Smartphone Photo Saver 64GB/128GB Opt





Backup your precious memories

  • Easily transfer photos, videos and contacts from your smartphone or tablet to your computer
  • Plugs directly into the charging port of your phone/tablet for simple, easy backup of your data right to a portable compact USB drive
  • Protects data you never want to lose
  • Works with personal or work computers (PC/Macintosh)

Easy to use

  • Plug Picture Keeper Connect into your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Launch the Picture Keeper Connect app
  • Click “Start Backup” to get started
  • Initial backup saves all photos, videos and contacts
  • Future backups only save newly added files
  • When one Picture Keeper Connect fills up, the next one picks up where the last left off

Great for mobile device backup

  • Easily restore backups from old to new phone
  • Great for restoring a phone that’s crashed/reset or replacing data after a device has been stolen
  • Free up memory on your phone/tablet
  • Back up from anywhere with the free mobile app
  • No internet connection required for backup
  • No monthly fees

Great data-management tool

  • Easily move your photos onto personal or work computers
  • Backup and restore across platforms

Picture Keeper Connect for iPhone/iPad

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