Ozonator Machine With Timing Switch

Ozonator Machine With Timing Switch


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Features and Advantages:

✅Sterilization Rate 99%:  Release powerful sterilization ability, make cytoplasm leakage, nucleic acid inactivation, cell inactivation.
✅Fast Ozone Generation: Honeycomb discharge design, 10-18minutes Quickly produce ozone.
✅Powerful Functions: Remove coronavirus; Remove formaldehyde; Remove bacteria
✅Application:New house/interior, In the car, Pet shop, Bathroom, Office, Gym.
✅Sterilization Principle: The ozone machine converts oxygen in the air into ozone. Ozone directly interacts with bacteria and viruses, destroys their organelles, DNA, and RNA, destroys the metabolism of bacteria, and causes bacteria to die.

Method of use:
At first, you have to plug in the machine, then adjust the timer machine will start working. For example, if your room is 20 square meter, adjust the timer with 10-20 minutes is ok, if your room is larger adjust the timer with more minutes accordingly. During machinersquos working, animals or human should not stay in the room. When machine finished work, make the room ventilate 15-20 minutes.

Package Included:
1 x Ozone Generator
1 x Power Adapter(According to different countries, we will send corresponding adapter.)

6 reviews for Ozonator Machine With Timing Switch

  1. Dwight Jones

    it s very good product and prompt delivery.

  2. Franz G

    This is great machine. My house is really old . There is wired smell and hard to get rid of. Mostly I used the perfume spray. It works temporarily after a couple days. I searched google and many reviews told this kind machine works to reduce scenarios. I am so glad to have it. I turn it on when there is no person at home during daytime and turn it on before we get home via WiFi power cord. It works so good to reduce smell.

  3. Kyle

    I am very surprised how well this generator worked. I had some water get in my basement and got a lot of stuff wet. I’ve tried my best to clean everything up and it’s all dry, but the musty odor has lingered for over 6 months. When we leave the house for a day or two, we can even smell the musty odor upstairs in the house when we get back. I ran this ozone generator for 90 minutes based on the size of the basement. Just after this one time, the basement is now scent free. I am very pleased.

  4. Cayetano

    This thing is super powerful. I bought it to get rid of unsightly odors in my apartment. I ran it couple hours in each room. Holy cow! It worked a miracle! It reduced the smell to manageable levels that no cleaner chemical could. This unit was worth the price,will recomend to anyone with any smell in their home.

  5. yrollam

    Worked well, used it 4 times so far for different things, cleaned the smells out of the rooms permanently.

  6. Okami

    Worth every dime.This one gives you the most bang for your buck. Simple, basic and smartly built. Well done guys!

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