Multi-function Vegetable Slicer
$86.00 $64.99

Multi-function Vegetable Slicer

$86.00 $64.99

(13 customer reviews)


Do you love to cook but hate wasting time cutting your vegetables?

Our Multi-function Vegetable Slicer allows you to chop vegetables in a super quick time. Anyway you want to slice them our slicer can manage, criss cross or straight cut all with a simple glide.

Made of safe-food grade material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless

Features 4 adjustable slice thicknesses, 2 shreds (fine and fried) and 1 waffle cutting option.

The oversized stainless steel slicing platform allows for easy sliding of food when secured with a secure hand guard.

The thickness varies from 1 mm, 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 7.5 mm.

This mandolin uses a blade adjustment knob to seamlessly switch between the built-in slice and the waffle blade, eliminating blades or moving parts.


The mandolin’s non-slip feet are folded for easy storage and the dishwasher is safe and easy to use.



13 reviews for Multi-function Vegetable Slicer

  1. Nina

    Save so much time,and my wife won’t yell at me for making a mess in kitchen anymore!

  2. Linda

    Nice kitchen helper. It has different shapes which fits all I need. It just takes a little time to check how it works. Easy to clean.

  3. Annie

    This shredding machine is very easy to use, much better than manual shredding machine, and can cut a variety of vegetables. It is also more convenient to clean.

  4. Ersland

    Easy to use and lots of choices to fulfill all kinds of requirements for cooking various dishes. Clean is quick and simple, need small storage space. Overall a nice kitchen helper.

  5. Spring

    My wife owned a Pampered Chef model and with the food grabber she sliced her finger by slipping off of the food, this brand Karidge fixes the problems of the Pampered Chef one, and the guards and blades attachments are top quality.

  6. Mario

    Great slicer! Choose from 12 different sizes and styles to slice your veggies. It is easy to wash after use. Fold it before storage to save some space. The extra safety function prevents you from cutting your finger. Now I can make my favorite salad within 5 mins!

  7. Jen

    Once you figured out the desired thickness and style, it’s so much easier than using a knife. As we are not professional chefs, this tools make slicing so much easier.

  8. Mark

    This slicer is astonishing. I use it regularly to slice many different kinds of vegetables, including onions, celery, mushrooms and carrots and it works great, works well for apples too. I find that it is a terrific time saver, definitely a life saver. I’m in love with this product and would recommend it to anyone wanting to reduce their prep time.

  9. Judy

    There is really nothing to dislike about this product. It is a great tool to have in the kitchen. It have saved me time preparing ingredients for cooking. It is easy to use. It has multifunction. It is easy to clean/maintain. And it is really worth the asking price. Kudos to whoever invented this product!

  10. Joy

    This mandoline slicer is very similar to some of the more expensive ones, like the Cuisinart. Without any complication this slicer simply adjusted to the correct thickness and sliced with perfection. The adjustable thickness is almost the same as the Cuisinart. I can cut vegetables fruit whatever the same thickness fast. I use it for root veggie fries, fruit for crepes (grating cheese, zesting). You don’t need to change out blades or accessories. Everything is contained in this one unit. Legs are sturdy and this mandoline slicer does not seem to move around a lot on the counter. This slicer was critical to whole thing. Thanks for making a great product!

  11. Summer

    The build quality of this product isn’t superb, but it was worth its price. Before I bought this, I always had a hard time slicing through foods like potatos, but it took me a lot less time now to slice foods before of this product.

  12. Tim

    I had a mandolin that was over 30 years old that I fell in love with. However time took its toll and it finally broke. I was devastated that I couldn’t find the reliable original. As my friend called it the original finger stub maker. it was a little dangerous to use if you weren’t accurate. However this new mandolin is like going from a bicycle to a Mercedes. The ease of adjusting to the desired cut, the guide and safety guards along with the consistent cuts/slices makes it a kitchen must have. Cleans easy, stores well.

  13. Dee

    This is a very helpful tool in the kitchen. It comes with many different size blades and it is pretty tough, you can cut a lot of different kinds veggies with it.So far the veg chopper has worked very well. I have prepped potatos, onions, carrots & tomatoes.Everything works smoothly and all the knife edges are very sharp. I don’t use a food tool like this often but it is nice to have it when I need it.

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