Long Time Control Racing RC Boat With Water Cooling System
$178.99 $146.99

Long Time Control Racing RC Boat With Water Cooling System

$178.99 $146.99

(6 customer reviews)


This RC boat is an entry-level RC model that most players would love to have in this hot summer. It has a flat, streamlined shape, it can run swiftly in the water for a high speed. With the built-in 7.4 1800mAh lithium-ion battery, your boat can continuously for 8 minutes.

✅Function: forward / backward, turn left/turn right, as well as water spray.
✅Left and right-hand automatic switching function, no matter what you are doing, can be very convenient to manipulate it.
✅50m remote control distance, even if you’re far away, you can control it.
✅The remote control has 2.4G, so you can quickly get the information you need.


Basic information Model:Henglong 3810
Material:Plastic and metal
Power System ESC: Brush
Control way:Radio control
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
Battery Battery:Li 7.4V 1800Mah
Transmitter battery:3×1.5AA(not included)
Other Using time:30min
Charging time:240min
Control distance:50+m
Max speed:10km/h
Dimension Size:60*23*45cm

Package included:
1 x RC Boat ( Battery Included )
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger
1 x Antenna
1 x Bracket

6 reviews for Long Time Control Racing RC Boat With Water Cooling System

  1. Paul

    I love it that the high speed racing boat can go up to 20 miles per hour. I was scared that the boat would crash and I would lose the boat, but instead the boat has a flip recovery function that can help me retrieve it. Besides the great flip recovery function, the boat has a powerful high speed motor and a large propeller. The radio-controlled remote has a full function of controlling the boat to different direction similar to playing a video game except better. The high speed boat comes with 2 high capacity rechargeable batteries. Another great thing about this speed boat is its double-hatch design that improves water resistance. It is definitely a great present for kids.

  2. Brett

    Both boys love driving their boats on the lake behind our house. We have followed all directions from removing all batteries to wiping down the biats after each use and have not experienced any problems. The products were shipped quickly and safely. We have not had trouble with either boat flipping over even when the surf is rocky due to high winds.

  3. Grace

    I bought this for my daughter’s boyfriend and he just loved it. First thing he did when he opened it was charge the batteries. It was so cute, he was like a big kid, just standing there waiting for the batteries to charge. As soon as they were charged he had that boat in the pool for at least an hour. Of course he had to change the batteries every 10 to 15 minutes which was not a problem since it came with 2 batteries and I bought 2 extra! Unfortunately, I forgot to tell him that it doesn’t work in salt water so when he took it home and put it in his pool (which has salt water), it stopped working. He was so bummed when he told me, so I told him I would buy him another one and he can use it at our house anytime! Overall, great buy!!


  4. Peta

    While this is called a toy, I think of it more as a hobbyist’s boat. My granddaughter liked one of my indoor RC drones, but I deemed that it being a 3 dimensional control device it might be a bit hard for her to master as her first RC vehicle. As her parents have a pool and she lives on a bayou, I thought a boat would be better. This one first right up, is relatively easy to handle, can reach impressive speeds and also is self righting. She seems to like it and it should provide hours of fun for her (and her dad).

    rc boat

  5. Katrina

    First of all, I was impressed by the power. The motor has kick. The battery life is surprisingly sufficient also. I think I might try to figure out a way to attach some foam or rubber to act as bumpers for the front and back corners of the craft. I have only had this craft out of one run. The first run was impressive.


  6. Monica

    Great buy!!!!!Great Boat!!!Great Detail!!! This boat is big and fast !! It can handle choppy water !!! It can’t handle windy days on BIG BEAR Lake!!!Great range!!! This is a must buy!! NO long UGLY ANTENNA!!! Looks really scale on the shelf and in the water!! Great turning and maneuvering!!! Great display ship also.


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