LED Light Therapy Mask
$87.99 $65.99

LED Light Therapy Mask

$87.99 $65.99



✔️Fight Acne And Remove Imperfections – Resolve skin concerns, remove blemishes and reduce acne outbreaks.

✔️Get That Instagram Glow – Improve the overall appearance of your skin, and finally have perfect, glowing skin.

✔️Stop Ageing – Using LED lights is scientifically proven to remove wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin and prevents premature ageing.

Blue Light (460-470nm)

This helps combat the appearance of acne, makes your skin less oily and promotes anti-inflammatory effects.

Red Light (620-630nm)

Promotes the production of Collagen and Elastin fibers. Anti-Aging and Tightens loose skin.

Yellow Light (580-590nm)

Promotes the alternating function of cell oxygen, helps prevent pigmentation and sun-damage.

How to Use the Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

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What’s included

1. LED Mask

2. USB Power Cable

3. User Manual


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