Invictus One Vacuum Cleaner
$240.00 $180.00

Invictus One Vacuum Cleaner

$240.00 $180.00


Features & Benefits

1. Powerful lithium-ion battery for cordless operation for up to 15min
2. 2 fold filtration system incorporating a HEPA filter
3. High-performance BLDC motor delivers 2.5 times the suction power of conventional handhelds

Need A Compact Cordless Vacuum?

The Convenient Vacuum Cleaner

The Secret is…

Is the high speed, high power brushless motor that’s ultra-powerful and amazingly quiet, with a 2 stage certified HEPA filtration system to help eliminate airborne dirt and dust.

Manoeuvre, Pivot, Rotate

Have the freedom to clean anywhere, anytime, on any surface without any cords to get in the way.

All Around and In the Tight Spaces between Objects with the Flexible Crevice Tool.

Up High It weighs less than 0.5kg so you can use it with one hand.

Down Low & Under Appliances

Deep Clean

Just about Anything using the Brush Attachment

• Upholstery

• Cushions

• Pillows

• Lampshades

• Vertical Blinds

• Curtains

Always Ready To Go

Simply Dock It to Quick Charge It


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