Intelligent baby Milk Powder Brewing machine
$219.00 $189.99

Intelligent baby Milk Powder Brewing machine

$219.00 $189.99


1. Smart milk powder water mixing technology, mixing formula milk powder and water within 10 seconds without generating bubbles.
2. Easy to use: Say goodbye to complex formula settings, easy to use. Applicable to almost all formula brands and all bottle brands/sizes.
3. Fully customizable: digital blister temperature from 104°F to 156°F, water from 1 ounce to 8 ounces (approximately 28.3 grams to 226.8 grams), accompany your baby from birth to weaning.
4. No Bisphenol A: Triphenylmethane BPA material can ensure that it will not produce BPA certification.
5. Exquisite design: ideal gift for novice parents, packed in color box. Pass love to new life and friends



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