Flexible Garden Hose With Spray Head, For Crack And Crevice Weeding Tool

Flexible Garden Hose With Spray Head, For Crack And Crevice Weeding Tool


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Flexible garden hose with spray nozzle for pleasant gardening

Gardening is easier with this flexible, lightweight garden hose with a versatile spray nozzle.


  • Light weight, compact and portable.
  • Outer of the hose is made of polyester to protect the inner hose.
  • Won’t twist, kink or get tangled, durable construction.
  • Commonly used in the United States and Europe.
  • Automatically returns to its original size as soon as the water stops running.
  • Hose can be extended as soon as the water is running.
  • Ideal for watering and cleaning: gardening, car washing, swimming pool, boat, etc.
  • Spray head has seven different positions.


  • Color: green.
  • Dimensions: 10 m (can extend up to 30 m after water flows through the hose).

Protective measures:

  • Do not fill the hose with water or pressurize it when the hose is not in use.
  • Drain the hose completely and keep it in the right shape when you are not using the hose.
  • Store the hose well during the winter and make sure that there is absolutely no water left in the hose to prevent (harmful) freezing symptoms.
  • Do not run hot water through the hose.
  • Allow the hose to air sufficiently to maximize the life of the hose.

This article consists of:

  • 1x flexible garden hose.
  • 1x spray nozzle.

6 reviews for Flexible Garden Hose With Spray Head, For Crack And Crevice Weeding Tool

  1. Carly

    Better than I thought. Looks great . Matching nozzle. Shut off valve at the end. Nice price. Works great. 5 stars. Very satisfying purchase

  2. Rona

    So far I’ve been very happy with the set of hoses I bought. It was nice that they came with the spray nozzle, which has all the usual settings and they all work well.

  3. Elliott

    Really works well, perfect size and length, the nozzle has a few different modes, so I use the hose for a different uses, highly reccomend.

  4. Terrie

    This hose is very flexible and convenient to use. It allows great water pressure with ease of maneuvering around the yard.

  5. Giampa

    This expandable hose is performing as expected and is very convenient. If you’ve never owned one before you should know that they are best for using by themselves and not with sprinklers.

  6. Geoffrey

    I am impressed with the look and function of the hose, and the nozzle. It seems very sturdy. I am crossing my fingers that it is as well made as they say, and hope it last longer than the other expandable hoses I have tried.

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