Pet Containment System Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collar

Pet Containment System Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collar


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Features And Advantages:
✅Stop Worrying That Your Dog Will Run Away: If your dog exceeds the range you’ve established, the collar will initiate its training function automatically. Gently reminding the dog to return to the designated safe-zone.
✅Long Range & Long Battery Life: With a 1640 foot range, your dog can feel free to roam anywhere such as the park, backyard, or woods. Long battery life ensures you and your dog can play together without the battery dying.
✅Works For Multiple Dogs Without WiFi: Can use on multiple dogs regardless of size. Big or small, long-haired, or short. No WiFi, with a built-in transmitter, connecting your Wireless Remote is simple and convenient. Just pair the device and go.
✅No More Accidental Shock: Wireless Fence Collar locks the settings in place to prevent accidental shocks. And offers an adjustable 0~100 shock setting. You can precisely set the static level for your dog to discipline them peacefully without pain.
✅Durable and Waterproof: Collar is IPX67 waterproof, able to withstand moisture even in the most adverse weather conditions. Made of durable and lightweight material, won’t burden your dog in any way.


How does a pet fence work?
1. Set up a boundary and put a receiver collar on your pet.
2. He hears a warning tone if he approaches the boundary.
3. He feels a static correction if he tries to go past the boundary.
4. One fence can protect all your pets.





Warm Note

Please read the manual carefully before use. If your dog has been go back to the safety area but the beep sound still working, just increase the signal level then the beep sound will stop working.

You should put the transmitter high enough and open enough to make sure there is no barrier between transmitter and receiver.


Package Included

1 x Wireless Transmitter
1/2/3 x Collar Receiver
1/2/3 x Adjustable TPU Strap
1 x Charger
4/6/12 x Pcs Metal Contact Probes
2 x Screw
2 x Screw Holder
1/2/3 x LED Test Light
1 x User Manual

13 reviews for Pet Containment System Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collar

  1. Steve

    I’m glad I made this purchase. My lil stubborn boy Duke is a bit too energetic always run down to the street. It works flawlessly so far, my dog pick up quickly.

  2. Robort

    My new dog is a hound so it loves chasing scents wherever it may lead it but this was no bueno. After about an hr set up I got this installed and tried it out on the dog. It worked well and after adjusting a few things it operated much better.

  3. Joann M

    Works great. Needs to be tighter around neck for training as posts need to make contact with neck but able to loosen after pet knows boundary.We have used these collars for years, they work well and keep out dogs safely at home!

  4. Mark

    This was the best investment I have done for my dog. She would dig under the fence alot and cause us heartache when she would get out. This keeps her in without having to worry. It was a little difficult for me to put the whole thing together and bairy the line, but after I figured it out I was fine!

  5. Stephen

    I try it for the first day i got it .it’s amazing how it works my dog stay with me and didn’t run. Now i feel safe to let her play in my backyard even without a fence.

  6. Judy

    Great value for whay you get, highly recommend this electric fence!

  7. Luke

    It works well as long as you are careful not to accidentally press the button that changes the frequency to an optional collar number two. I thought it was broken when my dog was not responding to correction until I realized I must’ve accidentally pressed the wrong button and changed it to collar two. I can’t comment on shock correction since my dog responds to use of just the vibrations and I haven’t had to use the shock. My only other complaint is the collar! It loosens itself so that it ends up looking like a necklace on my dog. EVERY TIME! If you want this system for the shock correction, you would need the collar to fit snugly against your dog’s neck. That will require rigging this collar some kind of way. Good luck. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

  8. Joy

    This works well. It was easy to pair and set up. Range is good, signal is good. The colar is nice, flexible and waterproof.

  9. Arlo

    I am so impressed with the Wireless Electronic Pet Fence System! My Bassett hound learned his boundaries within 15 minutes of showing him the perimeter. So glad to get rid of the chain that used to be so clunky and trip us whenever he ran by us, lol. Great product!


  10. Robert

    Money well spent, this is so worth it!! We have two dogs but we only bought one of these to try it out to see how it works. We put it on our boxer to try it out because he is older than our German Shepherd. Long story short this not only contained The Boxer but it also trained Mimi (GS) where she is not allowed to leave.


  11. Tim

    This product works well to my dog. I think it works to all medium to large size, i am not sure about puppy or small ones. I set the range as 300 meters so I was noticed everytime my dog ranout of range. It is waterproof too so it works well under the rain too.


  12. Mich

    This electric fence came very well packaged. My Chi started taking off on me so decided to give this a try. So far so good works great!! Very durable.


  13. Kislaya

    Our German Shepherd would constantly wander off our yard, but once we got this system he hasn’t gotten out once! We have an acreage in the country and this system is great for it, it only took one time of taking our dog for a walk around the perimeter for him to learn the boundary, and now he can be outside and run around as much as he wants without wandering off. Definitely worth the money!!

    wirless fence

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