Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera

Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera


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  • Scientific Feeding, Smart Living!
  •  2-min Easy Setup: No need to scan QR code, just plug in the power adapter, type in the account and password of your home Wifi network(ONLY 2.4 GHz).
  •  Customized Feeding: It provides up to 8 meals a day, flexible meal portions from 1 to 20 portions per meal, 5g for each portion.
  • Battery Backup Support: With batteries as backup, the feeder will feed your fur kid as scheduled, no worry about power failure when you are not at home.

Package Includes:
1 x Iseebiz Feeder;
1 x Power Adapter with 3M/10Ft USB Charging Cable;
1 x User Manual

5 reviews for Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera

  1. Fifaus

    Very easy and straightforward to set up. Awesome! Our cat is obese and therefore has to respect a very strict ration of kibble per day. As during the day we are often absent we leave him his portion for the day but by greediness this one had him in one single take and most of the time vomiting. Since we use this food dispenser, he changed his habit.That’s very Great!

  2. Jim

    I just received it and for now I am very happy with it. You can record an audio message that, although it is a little distorted, is acceptable. The power cord is quite long which makes it easy to find a suitable place to put it. As for the rations, after a few tests, I have seen that they fit quite well with the indicated weight, most of the time being the exact amount.

  3. Tom

    Purchased for outside/basement cats. Programming is ultra easy. Plug in feature is great but uses batteries if no plug available. I’ve been using it plugged in. The most impressive features of this little robot looking cat feeder is the fact that the top where you fill the food locks in place.Would definitely buy again.

  4. John

    Very easy and straightforward to set up. It has a very long USB cord (short would have been fine but some may need this). It holds a boat load of food. I feed our cat once a day on 7 meal size option (which is about a half to 3/4 of a cup) and after filling it up exactly one week ago, it barely looks like any food is missing from the food reservoir. I love this unit because it is powered from the wall outlet and that my cat can’t stick her paw in the dispenser hole to fish for extra food. My last feeder was plauged by both of these issues and I must say, this one works 100 times better than it. Also, the peace of mind knowing your pet will consistently be fed at the same time every day is a big plus. I highly recommend this feeder.

  5. Sara

    It was super easy to set up; I’m not a tech person at all and did it within a few minutes. I can’t say anything about the battery life because I’ve only had it for a month. The food portions get fairly small, which is good for an air fern like mine, who can stay a good weight just by looking at food. She normally eats 5 tablespoons a day and with this I’ve stretched that out over four meals a day.

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