AutoBrush Kids Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush V3
$133.00 $99.99

AutoBrush Kids Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush V3

$133.00 $99.99




  • 30 SECOND ULTRASONIC BRUSHING CYCLE: Life is difficult, but so is trying to get your little one to brush for as long as they should. The AutoBrush for Kids has a built-in 30-second timer that will automatically turn the brush off when completed. And don’t worry, 30 seconds is all the time you need since the AutoBrush brushes all your teeth at once.
  • CAVITY FIGHTING BASS TECHNIQUE: The Bass Technique removes bacteria, plaque, and disease through high vibrational frequencies and is approved by the ADA. This technique makes it easy for kids to be able to brush their teeth effectively without missing any spots.
  • REMOVES 99.8% OF BACTERIA: Goodbye cavities and hello to good hygiene habits. With a whole mouth replaceable toothbrush head, you can get to those hard to reach places and keep up on your kid’s gum health. Feel free to watch the Plaque Test Video to learn more.
  • TAKE THE FIGHT OUT OF BEDTIME: Nobody wants to fight over their kids’ bedtime routine and with the AutoBrush for Kids we can help. With our animal patented design, your kids will have fun while cleaning their teeth. As well, the AutoBrush for Kids plays a heavy musical song while brushing.
  • WATERPROOF AND WIRELESS CHARGING: We’ve made charging easy. Just place the AutoBrush for Kids on the wireless charging dock and forget about it until you need to brush again. You also don’t have to worry about getting the AutoBrush wet while you brush or rinse the head. With our waterproof design, there’s no need to stress about rust or electrical failure.

The AutoBrush for Kids is your partner in developing a healthy oral routine for your children.

foaming toothpaste autism cerebral palsyThe Autobrush for Kids helps children with cerebral palsy and autism learn and be in control of their brushing habits.
kids and toddler toothbrushThe AutoBrush contributes to your child’s mental development by providing independence to take care of their oral routine at whatever age.
fun toothbrushThe AutoBrush for Kids makes brushing fun and ends the brushing fight. As the AutoBrush brushes it plays a jungle song for your kids to dance along with.

Cleaning lightThe whole mouth design brushes your children’s teeth all at once. This cuts down the brushing time to 30 seconds instead of the traditional two minutes.

The AutoBrush for Kids is like no other children’s toothbrush on the market.

Autobrush for kids

better brushing habits

fun kids toothbrush kids electric toothbrush make brushing easy
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