Adjustable Breastfeeding Baby Nursing Pillow

Adjustable Breastfeeding Baby Nursing Pillow


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Benefits of Breastfeeding Pillow
  • Soothe your everyday nursing arm ache – by having the pillow adjust to you
  • Maintain a good posture during feeding – prevent back, waist and neck ache
  • Say Bye to uncomfortable positions – by raising baby to breast with three elevation levels, and open up more nursing-hold options to mom
  • Easy to carry – can be discretionarily folded. Very light, perfectly suitable to use it for travel

Benefits for Your Baby

  • The nursing pillow can provide soft and comfortable cushion support
  • Easily elevate your baby to the appropriate height for the perfect latch
  • The right elevation reduces clogging and allows for breathing smoothly
  • High Quality Material – The feeding pillow is made of cotton, featured PP cotton padding making it soft and comfortable for your newborn. 

1x Adjustable Breastfeeding Baby Nursing Pillow

Material: Sustainable Cotton & Polyester (perfectly suitable for kids and very easy to wash)
Size: 21.6×10.2×6.7 inch
Weight: 1200 g / 2.65 LB

12 reviews for Adjustable Breastfeeding Baby Nursing Pillow

  1. Robort

    Good quality, it’s keep the baby very well.

  2. Mark

    Good quality, it’s keep the baby very well.

  3. Stephen

    This is the best nursing pillow on the market. With my first two babies I had a boppy which was fine. But this pillow made all the difference. My third baby had a terrible tongue tie so getting a good latch was really hard until we had her tie corrected. My nipples suffered a lot of trauma so even after it was really important to get a good, deep latch. This pillow made it easier to do so. Seriously, you will not regret ordering this pillow!

  4. Judy

    Convenient for me and my baby, many options available for position.Thank You.

  5. Luke

    This was a nursing game changer. I’m a mommy of size and the breastfriend pillow was too small and the boppy not supportive enough and I ended up needing a bunch of extra pillows. This does it all and folds up nicely to fit below my stroller. Its flexible based on the type of chair/couch you’re on and does not slide off your leg (like the boppy did for me) now that baby is older I’m even able to get into other nursing positions with this pillow’s help. I’m more confident in being able to nurse in public because I know I’ll be able to make something work wherever I am.

  6. Joy

    So fluffy! Very good product, recommend the seller.

  7. Arlo

    As a first-time mom I was certain I wouldn’t “need” this, and then finally broke down and purchased it when my daughter was 6 months; we’ve used it everyday since. If I had to do it all over again I definitely would’ve purchased this sooner, but somehow convinced myself I didn’t need it. I could have avoided the back pain I had from leaning over to feed her without this pillow.

  8. Tim

    Save your arms. Seriously. Get this. Really helps when feeding the baby and when you don’t have much experience handling the baby so you feel more secure and confident.

  9. Jason W.

    Finally, someone came up with a functional breastfeeding pillow! I had a boppy style nursing pillow and then I had to put a pillow under THAT pillow to get it level to my newborn–AND still not comfortable! I love that it has many levels depending on how I’m sitting or laying. A newborn body fits perfectly in the span of the pillow and makes it easy for me to do work while I’m feeding her because there is a small barrier that can prevent her from slipping off easily. I even use it to put between my legs when I’m sleeping–super comfy. Extra plus is that the pattern is cute and Basic and not kiddie or frufru. I also love that it folds up and ties away. Definitely, recommend!

  10. Mich

    It’s a great nursing pillow. The filling is the right amount of firm.

  11. Kislaya

    This is great for feeding my baby, being able to adjust the height, and it fits into the sides of chairs giving your arm extra support. There’s so many different ways it helps holding and feeding baby easier!

  12. Marry

    Works perfectly with breast feeding my newborn and also helps with winding and tummy time. Wish id seen it with baby.

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